SOLD – 1967 Cessna C310L

This beautiful 1967 Cessna C310L is offered for sale. The paint and interior are in great shape and the avionics are state of the art. The instrument panel was installed by Sonoma Jet Center in 2004 blending this classic aircraft with modern navigation.

Excellent Avionics/Paint/Interior

  • New Panel
  • Garmin 480/MX20 with Chart View
  • SL30/KI211
  • GMA 340 Audio Panel/XPDR
  • Backup Electric Horizon/ADI
  • Shadin Digiflo Fuel Management System+Air Data Computer
  • AMS2000 Altitude Management System
  • EDM700 Multi-point Engine Monitoring System
  • Backup (In-Panel) Garmin 296; Backup Ext Handheld Navcom w/power & Ext Antenna
  • 400A A/P Coupled to HSI
  • Multipoint Strobe System

ACTT – 7,221
RE-481 LE-1121 SFRMAN
L/R Propeller 1121