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At Vine Jet, we understand that individual travel needs are as unique as our clients. We are committed to making each charter flight experience comfortable, convenient and productive for those who appreciate only the best.

Our Gulfstream V is on the Prime Jet charter certificate and is based in Santa Rosa, California. Prime Jet has aircraft based in Northern and Southern California, Scottsdale and several based in Asia as well. We use our affiliated charter aircraft for our customers as much as possible, but if our aircraft is booked, you’ll find that our charter brokers have the resources to fulfill all of your travel needs.

Our Private Charter Jet: Gulfstream V

Our Private Jet Charter Service Includes:

  • Dedicated flight dispatch center
  • Wyvern-approved flight department
  • ARG/US Platinum safety rating
  • Highly trained flight and maintenance crews
  • 24-hour service, 365 days per-year
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Other Private Jets Available for Charter via Prime Jet

2011 Gulfstream 550

Gulfstream IV

Gulfstream IV

2002 Gulfstream IVSP

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